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Quilting for Peace Campaign

To celebrate the publication of Quilting for Peace by Katherine Bell and to, hopefully, help to spread some goodness, we are happy to be launching our new Quilting for Peace Campaign. To find out all about it, click on our Quilting for Peace widget at left. Whether you're new to quilting or an experienced quilter or don't quilt at all (yet) but are curious, please check it out.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ---Anne Frank


My Kata Golda Dog

I recently finished making this little dog from Kata Golda's new book Kata Golda's Hand-Stitched Felt. I loved working with the wool felt (it's soft, the colors are great, and doesn't fray even when you make mistakes and have to rework stitches) and practicing my embroidery. I overstuffed him so his clothes are a little snug, but let's just call him muscular. I finished this guy in a couple of hours, such a quick and satisfying experience. To see more of these sweet characters, check out the video in my last post or the photos in the gallery here.


Kata Golda's Hand-Stitched Felt: The Cutest-Ever Video Debut for a Book

Our new book Kata Golda's Hand-Stitched Felt by Kata Golda is now available in stores. In this case, I think a video speaks a thousand words.

Leave a comment about the video and be the lucky winner of a free book. One winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends October 30th.



My Alabama Chanin Corset

A few months ago I posted about my Alabama Chanin dress here. Once I had finished the dress, I started this corset, spending many hours over the summer stitching it on my front porch. And now I'm working on a gray skirt.

Obviously, I'm totally hooked on both stitching and wearing this beautiful, comfortable cotton-jersey clothing. If you want to learn how to make it too, check out Alabama Stitch Book and/or take one of the Alabama Chanin Fall workshops (see the schedule here).


Fashion's Night Out

Check out the video and join in the fun on Thursday, September 10. From 6-8pm, I'll be at the Alabama Chanin Sewing Circle on the 5th floor at Barney's (660 Madison Ave., NYC). Where will you be? (For more information about events around the world, click here.)